Hiring a trailer is simple and easy

  • Hiring a trailer

    Until now, if you needed a trailer, you'd have been stuck with traditional hiring models that are time consuming, inconvenient and expensive. localtrailerhire.com.au is different. We help you to hire a trailer from someone local quickly, conveniently and at a great price! What are you waiting for? Make a booking request today!

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    1. Search

    Enter your postcode or suburb into the search bar to find a local trailer.
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    2. Enter dates and times

    Use the booking calendar to note when you would like to pick up and return the trailer. Click "Next".
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    3. Enter payment details

    Enter your credit card details. Click “Request to book”. Your card will be pre-authorised but won’t be charged until your booking is confirmed.

    4. Sit tight!

    The trailer owner will be advised of your request and just needs to confirm that the trailer is available at the requested time. Owners usually respond within an hour! You’ll receive an email when your booking is confirmed along with the address where the trailer is located.
    trailer time

    5. Trailer time!

    Simply arrive at the address provided at the nominated time and your trailer will be waiting! Knock on the door and the owner will give you a hand to get it on your car and run you through how to use it safely. Don’t forget your drivers licence!

    6. All good things must come to an end!

    At the end of your hire, just return the trailer to the same location at the time you nominated on your booking. If you would like to return early (or are running a little late), let the owner know by messaging them through the bookings page on localtrailerhire.com.au.
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    Trailers are available on localtrailerhire.com.au at amazing prices. The overheads found in traditional hiring channels don’t exist on localtrailerhire.com.au so you are always going to get a great deal. If you are looking for a longer term hire, you’ll find an even better deal!
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    It's easy to find a trailer using the search on localtrailerhire.com.au. Once you’ve found the perfect trailer, submitting a booking request takes just a few clicks.
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    localtrailerhire.com.au is all about locals sharing their trailers with other locals. It’s highly likely that you’ll be hiring a trailer from someone just around the corner. It could not be more convenient.

    Our happy customers

    “Great flexibility on your part Tai. Whilst you had preferred times for pick up and drop off, you adapted and made our life easy. Thanks for a seamless experience. Your trailer was perfect for our needs. Still in great condition and close to us for easy use in the future. Thanks so much :)”
    Andrew H
    Andrew H